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In the wake of the death of Janet Jones on the streets of Asheville, we knew we had to do something.  BeLoved Asheville is bringing a host of amazing professionals, community members, and even youth to create a new model of deeply affordable homes that incorporate community, sustainability, and equity.  Walking the road with people living through the housing crisis for over a decade, we know firsthand the pain of people in our community and we know the deep longing for home.  

A creative solution to Asheville’s housing crisis, these deeply affordable homes will be available for local people, including elders on fixed incomes, veterans, working families struggling to make ends meet and people who are currently homeless.  Created in a circle of people who are housing insecure, the BeLoved Village reflects their longing for homes that look and feel like home; that have amenities like a washer and dryer, porch, and community gardens; are sustainable and near groceries and opportunities for work, healthcare, childcare, and recreation.

Our Model home is complete!!

The new face of deeply affordable housing! Take a photo tour of the first model home in our BeLoved Village. Thousands of you who care have come together to say that EVERYONE in our community deserves a place to call home that is safe and sustainable and that helps people be lifted out of poverty through opportunity and equity!

We need you to join us in this powerful work! We can’t do this without you! Join our team of committed community members and help us raise the roofs on 11 more homes to complete the village! We need to raise $200,000 by the end of 2020 to start building the rest of the village!

$95,000 will build a 700 square foot home that is deeply affordable and provides a family a way to earn equity that lifts them out of poverty.  Costs include site work and a 30 year maintenance plan.

Let’s keep dreaming and turning our dreams into reality!

The idea for the BeLoved Village was born as a new innovative approach to creating deeply affordable housing where social connections and equity lead to better health, more opportunities and long-term stability,

We are building a dozen 440-640 square foot micro homes on land in East Asheville as the first of many villages. We have completed our model home and hope you will come see the “new face” of deeply affordable housing. We invite you to join us in sharing what you can by donating to bring our neighbors in need HOME!

For sponsorship information, to help via donations of building materials, holding a community fundraiser, or to volunteer, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]


BeLoved Asheville Village

Asheville tiny home villages address affordable housing, COVID-19 crisis, in creative ways


                                   Kids/Youth Build 

Children and youth who heard about the BeLoved Asheville Village of Micro Homes wanted to get involved.

We believe kids and youth are the NOW and not just the future!  We believe in providing opportunity to be engaged in deep solution work.  Our goal is to have one tiny home in our village fully sponsored/funded/built by children and youth.

Connect us with your child’s school, youth group, after school group, etc…

Kids/Youth Build invites young people to learn about the housing crisis and to create an individual or group fundraiser for the Kids/Youth home. Send us your videos or pictures of your work to support kids/youth build and we will post them here and on our BeLoved Facebook page.

"BeLoved constantly is in the “eye of the storm” providing for those in need and helping us to remember the humanity in all."

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