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Matthew McInnis cared. He had a beautiful, uninhibited, non-judgmental way of seeing people and connecting with them. He proudly lived a minimalist lifestyle and challenged the philosophy of modern-day consumerism. Matthew was very critical of and outspoken about self-serving institutional bureaucracies and how we all need to do better collectively as a community. 

He searched out ways, small and large, to help people around him. He would often pull off the road to give a meal to a less fortunate traveler and opened his home many times for shelter and safe haven. Matthew frequently took his children to the camps down by the river to offer help, as it was important to him that his children understood the worth of a person is not based on socio-economic status.   

The Beloved Asheville mission mirrors who Matthew was and will continue to be, through his legacy of remembering the less fortunate people in our community. 

Matthew leaves behind, the love of his life, Erin Ackerman; their three children, Connal, Maclan and Oonagh McInnis; his parents Tom and Pauline McInnis, stepmother Kathleen McInnis; two brothers, David and Liam McInnis; and his sister, Kaitlyn McInnis-Newman.

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