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BeLoved Asheville has a long history of delivering compassion, support and relief to people in need. We are an agile and tenacious organization that believes we can have an outsized impact on the health and wellbeing of people in our region. It turns out that housing quality and stability are among the leading determinants of positive health outcomes. So, naturally we set out to improve housing.

BeLoved Village is more

than just housing.

  • It’s a multifamily community with an equity-building model for residents.

  • It’s a neighborhood with diversity and connection built into its fabric.
  • It’s a model for a meaningful way forward combating the housing crisis through the power of community.

  • It’s a HOME for people who’ve been left behind by the housing market.

We’re building a Village on donated land, situated on a public transit route, just a short ride from the commercial centers of Tunnel Road and Downtown Asheville. 

The design of the homes includes ample porches, nestled along walking paths allowing the Village to live up to that name. Additionally, there is designated community space that residents will elect to improve together as they see fit – perhaps as gardens, or recreational areas.

Our project is underway, but it’s not too late for you to be a part of it.

We’re Building a Community

Once our multifamily development is completed, the community building begins. Residents will be chosen from an applicant pool based on demonstrated need, an income level around 30% AMI (Area Median Income), and other criteria. A Village council will be formed and rules will be written by the residents – with the aid of expert facilitators – to give meaningful structure to their community. 

We’re Building Equity

Because of zoning limitations and site practicalities, the houses in this village could not be subdivided, thus residents will not own their home (future developments may differ). But they will accrue equity on a schedule similar to a traditional mortgage. 

The multifamily community will be owned in Trust by a non-profit entity. The Trust has a 30 year maintenance fund, and resident management model. Residents are not beholden to a landlord, but will be supported by community guidelines to maintain their homes as if they owned them, with equity preservation as their incentive. Because giving people agency can contribute to well-being and ultimately to positive health outcomes, too.

Upon moving away, residents will be able to take their equity with them.  If they elect to stay a while, they may also borrow against their equity. 

BeLoved Village is a unique model for Deeply Affordable housing. We’re starting with only 12 houses, but we’re redefining what it means to make homes attainable and communities whole.

Care to join us?

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"BeLoved constantly is in the “eye of the storm” providing for those in need and helping us to remember the humanity in all."

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