The community center works off of mutual support meaning that we do not have one class of people serving another, but all of us helping and resourcing each other in community. Everyone shares their gifts and everyone cares for each other!

The space allows us to host events like documentaries, puppet shows, cultural dance, meetings, workshops, community art days, birthday parties, conference, intimate concerts, and many more exciting things!

Contact us for details about space rental for your event or group!

PARKING: Free parking is located at the Family Justice Center on Woodfin St. beside the Renaissance Hotel, just a 5 minute walk from BeLoved. Street Parking is free after 6pm and Sunday. The lot to the left of BeLoved Liberation Station is free after 5pm Monday-Saturday & anytime Sunday (except for spaces 1&2)

Mailing Address

39 Grove St.

Asheville, NC 28801

Liberation Station Community Center

10 N. Market St.

Asheville, NC 28801

Call Us

(828) 242-8261