Homeless/Formerly Homeless Street Medic Team!

Beginning in 2017 the medics became the “first, first responders” to the Asheville community. Recognizing that “homelessness is the most fatal condition in the country” according to CNN, and after Janet Jones froze to death on the streets of Asheville, folks from BeLoved’s Homeless Voice team decided that it was crucial for folks living on the streets to be medically trained. Street and mobile outreach happen weekly, as well as multiple Health Fairs throughout the year.

The medics train under an EMT, RN, Herbalist, ER nurse, and others and can provide on-the-spot assessment and first aid on the streets. We hold space for medics with herbal knowledge to also train the team in making our own natural medicinal remedies for pain, anxiety, depression, and other health issues as well as gaining knowledge from trained herbalists and other healthcare professionals.

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