We believe in the value of sharing and reknitting neighborhoods. Asheville is one of the top ten cities in the nation for food insecurity.  Every week we open our table and spread tables across our community with healthy, nutritious foods gardened and gleaned right here in our community.  We do this emphasizing dignity and building deep community roots by helping neighbors to get to know each other. Our hope is this will ripple out in strong neighborhoods that regularly share resources.

Our Farmers Markets share food with tables spread with table cloths and food in baskets and are often accompanied by live music, food tasting, and nutrition lessons. We host multiple free markets throughout the week in our community!

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"BeLoved constantly is in the “eye of the storm” providing for those in need and helping us to remember the humanity in all."

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P.O. Box 6386

Asheville, NC 28816 


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1302 Patton Ave. # 6386

Asheville, NC 28806


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